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KAMPALA: October 14, 2016: Ugandan national Eng. Patrick Francis Masambu has been elected Director General for International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation (ITSO). The elections took place on October 13, 2016 …Read-more ….

Coming up this DEC 2o16

Promoting Good Hygiene and Better Health in Nabisalu Slum

#BetterHealth         #BetterHygiene


Discover how NASA’s spacecraft Juno is investing the Jupiter Planet…. Juno has discovered ghostly sounds being termed as waves, warm areas, and dancing lights at the planet. Read more from Daily Mail …

Nanjing: the place to be for the Internet players of tomorrow

The world’s most prominent Internet experts and business leaders are preparing for the G20 international summit in Hangzhou. Read More from


Uganda rolls out plan to help ICT companies boost exports.. Watch full Video on You tube.

Focusing on ICT to do Business More than 500 women entrepreneurs from around the … Read More

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